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Stohlquist Infant PFD-Aqua/Pink


Stohlquist Infant PFD (16284)


Product Info Stohlquist Infant PFD gives your little adventurer all-round floatation and a supportive collar to make sure they stay safe while out kayaking this summer. A front zipper entry,...

Stohlquist Flo PFD-Navy


Stohlquist Flo PFD (16278)


Product Info Tough, durable material combined with the convenience of a tall seat back make the Stohlquist Flo PFD a great choice for female paddlers this summer season. The Flo can withstand...

Stohlquist Ebb PFD-Gray


Stohlquist Ebb PFD (16277)


Product Info Well-fitting, high-performing and user-friendly, the Stohlquist Ebb PFD provides safety and functionality on your kayaking adventures this summer. It is complete with a number of...

Stohlquist Glide PFD-Turquoise


Stohlquist Glide PFD (16276)


Product Info It’s got soft foam; it’s got a women’s cut; it’s got specific sizing. What more could a lady paddler want? The Stohlquist Glide PFD is here to offer all of that and more. The Glide...

Stohlquist Cruiser PFD-Gray


Stohlquist Cruiser PFD (16274)


Product Info Stohlquist Cruiser PFD offers a shortened torso, supportive cuffs and half mesh back to fully and comfortably support female kayakers or canoers out on the water this summer. The...