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Wildnerness Systems Tarpon 105 Sit-On Kayak (17343)



Product Info

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 Sit-On Kayak makes itself comfortable on a variety of waters – from lakes to rivers and even oceans. This comfortable, yet versatile boat is equipped with a number of features to make your days on the water as enjoyable and convenient as possible. Its sit-on construction allows for extra space and enough room for your pooch, should you choose to bring him or her! Phase 3 AirPro seating is fully adjustable, with vented mesh to keep you cool and comfy as you cruise around the waters. It also includes a large storage tankwell with removable mesh cover to keep all your necessities safe and dry while you’re out and about. On the convenience side, a magnetic water bottle strap system is within reach, while a DryTec removable dry box sits between your legs so you can reach your wallet, phone, keys and other valuables easily.

  • Product Details:

    Phase 3 AirPro Seatingfully adjustable and comfortable seat. Includes mesh fabric that covers honeycomb-vented, ergonomic 3D foam to increase airflow while supporting your lower back.

    Knee Pads:

    durable padding for all-day comfort


    Storage Tankwell with Removable Mesh Cover

    DryTec removable dry box between your legs as you sit in the kayak

    Front storage hatch

    Foot Track:

    Keepers XL Adjustable Footrestslarge, padded footrests that are easy to adjust to accommodate different heights.


    Quick Park Paddle Holderslide the blade of your paddle under the holder when you’re taking a break to fish or have a snack.

    SlideTrax rails3 SlideTrax rails – one on each side and a third behind the bow hatch; these work with a variety of kayak accessory mounts for a rode holder, camera and more.

    MagnaTec Magnetic Water Bottle Strap

    Rigid carry handles

    Maximum weight capacity of 325lbs

    Boat weight of 55lbs

  • Product Specification:
    • Width: 32in
    • Type: Recreational
    • Seating: Single, sit-on