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Wilderness Systems Targa 130T Tandem Sit-On Kayak (17735)



Product Info

Wilderness Systems Targa 130T Tandem Sit-On Kayak is a one-of-a-kind boat that allows for three different types of paddling – standard tandem, face-to-face or solo. The Targa’s versatility makes it great for having one boat that does it all. Bring your pets, you friends or go at it alone! The seating options are camp-style seats for maximum comfort, while the hooded bow storage area provides plenty of space for your belongings while shedding water to keep them dry. The Targa also offers a rear-deck portable cooler to keep your food and drinks cold all journey long.

  • Product Details&sbsp;

    Elevated stern camp-style seating

    Reversible bow camp-style seating

    Solo seat position in the middle for treks on your own

    Knee Pads:



    Bow storage hood

    Portable cooler in stern



    Foot Track:

    Adjustable footrests

    Open padded floor design


    Rigid side carry handles

    Rigid bow and stern carry handles

    Maximum weight capacity of 450lb

    Boat weight of 99lbs

    Boat weight of 48lbs

  • Product Specification&sbsp;
    • Width: 36in
    • Type: Recreational
    • Seating: Single, sit-0n
    • Rigging: None