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Volkl Deacon 7.2 Ski w/ vMotion 10 Binding - Men's (16256)

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Product Info

A solid choice for beginning skiers, the Volkl Deacon 7.2 w/ vMotion 10 Binding will deliver exactly what you need and how you need it. The Deacon X is a simple all-mountain/frontside ski that helps with easy turn initiation and smoother riding. It offers a Tip Rocker profile that bends upward only in the tip area, so you don’t catch hard edges while turning, and a Center Sidewall, so you have more directional power over the snow. The Deacon X comes with a vMotion 10 binding that is super convenient and easy to get out of. This ski is catered to beginners who don’t want much to worry about tech-wise and who just want to get on the hill to have fun.

  • Product Details&sbsp;

    Tip Rockeronly bends upward in the tip area while the middle and tail of the ski form a camber shape. This helps the ski stay on top of the snow so you don’t catch hard edges while turning.

    Volkl Tip Rocker


    Multilayer Woodcorecombines beech and poplar for an extremely durable core that has hard wood in the binding area and lighter wood around it.

    Volkl Multilayer Woodcore


    Center Sidewallpartial sidewalls in the center of the ski with 3D Ridge construction give the ski more direction power over the snow.

    Volkl Center Sidewall


    P-Tex 2100a sintered, high-density and high molecular weight polyethylene base that glides well and is highly durable.


    vMotion 10 BindingGripWalk compatible binding that is easy to get in and out of.

  • Product Specification&sbsp;
    • Bindings: With Bindings
    • Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate
    • Intended Use: Frontside
    • Turning Radius: Medium
    • Rocker Type: Tip Rocker/Camber
    • Core Material: Wood
    • Laminates: Wood
    • Tail Type: Flat
    • Recommended Brake Width: 80 - 90