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Come check out all we have to offer in the snowboard department! New this year, the collection has all kinds of styles and sizes for the whole family.

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  • Salomon Lotus Snowboard


    Salomon Lotus Snowboard - Women's (15891)


    Product Info Salomon Lotus Snowboard is a solid choice for an entry-level all-mountain freestyle board. This women’s-specific shredstick offers a soft flex for more control and maneuverability, without sacrificing performance. It is complete...

  • Salomon Oh Yeah Snowboard


    Salomon Oh Yeah Snowboard - Women's (15890)


    Product Info With a softer flex and freestyle-focused technology, the Salomon Oh Yeah Snowboard is for female riders who are ready to rip it in the park and throw down on the rails. The Rock Out Camber is flat between the bindings for stability and...

  • Salomon Wonder Snowboard


    Salomon Wonder Snowboard - Women's (15889)


    Product Info Salomon Wonder Snowboard is the ultimate freestyle exploration companion for female shredders. It is super versatile on groomers and deep snow to provide both a balanced and playful ride in any and all conditions. All-Mountain Edge...

  • Salomon Pulse Snowboard


    Salomon Pulse Snowboard - Men's (15888)


    Product Info All terrain freestyle riding is what the Salomon Pulse Snowboard is designed for. This board is energetic, powerful, playful and reliable – pretty much all the features you could want when out on the slopes. Bite Free technology...

  • Salomon Sight Snowboard


    Salomon Sight Snowboard - Men's (15887)


    Product Info Salomon Sight Snowboard is a great choice for beginner to intermediate riders who need a softer flex, lots of response in their board and easy maneuverability. The Sight has all-mountain capabilities to be able to deliver a high...

  • Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard


    Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard - Men's (15884)


    Product Info Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard is ready to take on all the jumps and rails you can throw at it this winter. Freestyle Edge Bevels, along with Popster technology, delivers snap and pop as you’re throwing down your best tricks. The...

  • Salomon The Villain Snowboard


    Salomon The Villain Snowboard - Men's (15883)


    Product Info Salomon The Villain Snowboard is a true freestyle park board that is ready for all the jibbing, jumping and jabbing you can throw at it this winter. Although it is more geared toward park riders, The Villain can handle groomers and...