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Smith Mission MIPS Helmet (15912)

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Product Info

Mission MIPS includes MIPS Brain Protection System and Zonal Koroyd coverage that both combine to absorb energy and impacts, reducing force on your head in the event of a fall. The Mission has an adjustable dial fit and AirEvac ventilation system. This well-rounded helmet is a solid choice for your all-mountain adventures this year.

  • Product Details&sbsp;

    In-Mold Constructionfuses the exterior shell and EPS foam together into a lightweight, durable and protective piece.

    Zonal Koroyd Coveragethin plastic tubes that created a super strong air-filled structure that reduces weight of the helmet, while maximizing protection. This technology also absorbs energy and keeps you ventilated at the same time.

    Smith Koroyd


    Adjustable Dial Fitallows easy, on-the-go size adjustments.


    AirEvac Ventilation Systemintegrates with Smith goggles for fog-free-lenses.

    Regulator Climate Controlallows for easy and convenient, one-handed venting adjustment.


    Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) Equippedreduces energy transmitted to your brain if you happen to wipeout. This technology adds more protective capability beyond the helmet’s liner and shell. It also reduces rotational motion that can be transferred to the brain during impacts.

    Smith MIPS

  • Product Specification&sbsp;
    • MIPS: Yes
    • Construction: In-Mold
    • Adjustability: Full
    • Ventilation: Adjustable
    • Audio: Compatible