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Peppers Hammerhead Floating Sunglasses (17380)

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Product Info

Sporty and buoyant, the Peppers Hammerhead Floating Sunglasses are exactly what you need for your active summer lifestyle out on the water. From kayaking to fishing to boating and more, the Hammerhead can handle it all. It includes anti-salt water coating to repel moisture, oils and grime and a large frame fit for ultimate comfort no matter the activity.

  • Product Details:

    Floating Corethe Grilamid frames are impacted with a chamber or foam or air to get the frames to float to the top of the water should you drop them in the lake or river.

    6 base lens curvatureis based on the measured sphere from the back of the lens. Peppers offers this in 6, 8 and 9 curvatures. The 6 base follows the natural curvature of your eye, while the 8 & 9 base models provide maximum coverage around your face.

    Anti-salt water coatingrepels moisture, oils and grime by providing a barrier that allows for smudges and fingerprints to wipe away cleanly. This coating also protects the lens from the corrosive effect of salt by repelling droplets.

    Embedding rubber nose padsgently grips your skin to make sure the frame stays in place

    Lightweight lens material

    Internal Temple Hinge Construction

    Large frame fit