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Peppers Daybreak Sunglasses (17381)

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Product Info

Peppers Daybreak Sunglasses are designed for sport. Active individuals who are always out and about hiking, running, biking and more will love the comfort and versatility of the Daybreak. Grilamid frames provide resiliency, while the anti-reflective reverse coating eliminates backflash reflections. It also includes anti-salt water coating to repel moisture, oils and grime caused by active days out in the sunshine or out on the water.

  • Product Details:

    6 base lens curvatureis based on the measured sphere from the back of the lens. Peppers offers this in 6, 8 and 9 curvatures. The 6 base follows the natural curvature of your eye, while the 8 & 9 base models provide maximum coverage around your face.

    Anti-salt water coatingrepels moisture, oils and grime by providing a barrier that allows for smudges and fingerprints to wipe away cleanly. This coating also protects the lens from the corrosive effect of salt by repelling droplets.

    Anti-reflective reverse coatingapplied to the back of the lens to eliminate backflash reflections.

    Grilamid frame materialtough and resilient while maintaining its light weight.

    Block Hinge Lock Construction

    Medium frame fit