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O’Brien Valhalla Wakeboard (15329)



O’Brien Valhalla Wakeboard is a staple in the brand’s watersports line. It comes back year after year with bigger and better updates to keep you cruising out on the waves. Beginner to intermediate riders will love how reliable and forgiving this board is. It is designed to give you tons of control while you progress and build your confidence on the water. Features include a feather core, tapered thickness profile, molded fins, progressive rocker and delta base. Effortless progression on the Valhalla is its most popular attribute, making it a favorite amongst the inexperienced all the way up to the seasoned vet. The Feather Core reduces the board's swing weight for more midair control, while maintaining maximum pop. The Variable Beveled Edge brings a smoother, catch-free ride with sharpening at the tip and tail for more bite.


Construction: Fiberglass and polyurethane
Rocker: Progressive rocker, more kicked up tip and tail
Weight Limit: 133cm – 200lbs, 138cm – 230 lbs, 143cm – 250lbs
Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate