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Nitro Ripper Youth X Volcom Snowboard (17152)

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Product Info

Nitro Ripper Youth X Volcom Snowboard looks rad, rides rad and performs even better. Your youngster will gain all the confidence and progression he or she needs on this board. Its twin-shape, combined with softride flex and flat-out rocker allows the riders to master turning, control their speed, shred the pow – pretty much do anything. The Ripper Youth X Volcom Snowboard is easy to maintain, easy to ride and a darn good time.

  • Product Details&sbsp;

    Flat-Out Rockergradual rise in the rocker for versatility and a short rise in the tail for added control


    Twin Shapenose and tail are the same length to take on regular or switch riding.

    Radial Sidecutincludes a longer radius in the front with a tighter one in the tail. This helps when coming out of turns to maintain a catch-free nose area.

    Nitro Radial Sidecut

    Core Material

    Powercoretip-to-tail poplar wood combines flex, response and feel.

    Nitro Powercore


    Bi-Lite Laminatesforgiving and strong for a more refined board-feel.

    Nitro Powercore II


    Premium Extruded FH Basea simple base material that combines durability and low maintenance. This base can withstand impacts and abuse from rail and urban riding with no problem.

    Nitro Premium Extruded FH Base


    Softride Flexspider web-like binding raisers allow the boards to have softer flexes, while maintaining all required binding insert depts and pullout strengths.

    Nitro Softride Flex

  • Product Specification&sbsp;
    • Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate
    • Intended Use: All Mountain
    • Rocker Type: Rocker
  • Dimensions&sbsp;
    Snowboard Size 132 137
    Tip Width 261mm 271mm
    Waist Width 190mm 200mm
    Tail Width 261mm 271mm
    Rider Weight 65 - 110 lbs 75 - 120 lbs