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Lange LX 120 Ski Boot - Men's (15768)

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Product Info

Ideal for advanced skiers with a larger foot width, the Lange LX 120 Ski Boot is able to give you the room you need without sacrificing performance or flex. This boot is under the brand’s “luxurious” line-up, complete with a great “out of the box fit” and easy entry and exit into it. The Dual 3D pro liner is pre-shaped to match the inner shell for a precise fit and more power transmission. Other features include max grip alpine soles and dual core construction.

  • Product Details&sbsp;

    Medium-Wide 102mm


    A stiff flex for advanced to expert skiers.


    Dual 3D Liner Propre-shaped liners that match the inner shell for the most power transmission. This liner has two high-density foams that is integrated into key zones of the foot.

    Lange 3D Liner Pro


    Dual Coreboth soft and rigid versions of high-performance plastics are simultaneously injected into the boot mold in targeted, key areas of the foot. By sandwiching a softer plastic core with the more rigid one, this technology actively compresses and expands to deliver power and energy.

    Lange Dual Core Light

    Polyurethane Shell and Cuff


    Natural Stance Shelloffers a lower ramp angle of four-degrees for a more neutral and upright stance. This increases your balance and decreases fatigue in your quads.

    Lange Natural Stance Shell

    Ramp - 4 Degrees, Canting +/- 1.5 degrees


    4 Micro Aluminum

    Power Strap

    40mm Velcro Strap

    Sole Type

    Alpine DIN (ISO 5355)


    Easy Entry Insertget in and out of your boots quicker and easier for more time on the hill.

  • Product Specification&sbsp;
    • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
    • Flex: Stiff
    • Liner: Dual 3D Liner Pro
    • Instep Height: High
    • Calf Volume: Medium
    • Sole Type: Alpine DIN (ISO 5355)
    • Ski/Walk: No