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Grow Program

      1. 100% of the purchase price for any complete junior package (skis, boots, bindings) can be returned for full credit toward the purchase of the child’s next package.
        • All credit must be used toward the new junior ski package, only.
        • Poles, Goggles, and Helmets are NOT INCLUDED.
      1. Existing customers must make an appointment to exchange the equipment between September 1 and October 31, with the child to be sized for equipment that year.  New members may join after November 1.
        • Skis must be traded in with bindings.
      1. You may join with skis (bindings are included) and boots.
        • Boots and skis can be traded in separately. Binding mounting or adjustment fee will apply.
        • All equipment must be classified as junior equipment to be eligible for the Grow Program.
      1. The price of equipment may increase. When this occurs, the customer will pay the difference.
      1. We do not special order items. Grow Program members are required to choose from what we offer in stock and is on a first come, first served basis.
      1. The program ends when you grow out of junior equipment which is at 100lbs or a size 24.5 boot, whichever comes first.
      1. The final Grow Program package must be traded in towards the child’s first adult package.
        • A complete package must be purchased (skis or snowboard, bindings, & boots).
      1. Binding mounting or adjustment fee will apply each year.